Breast revision

Breast revision procedures aim to improve breasts that have previously been operated on.

There are a multitude of reasons why some women opt for breast revision surgery. Some women who had implant surgery done elsewhere and now have issues requiring intervention including capsular contracture, rupture or droop. Other patients may have entered a different stage in their lives and feel they no longer require breast implants. In such cases, Mr Molajo can remove the breast implants, and perform a lift to reshape the breast to create a silhouette in keeping with the patient’s current body.

It is completely normal for some people to lose confidence in their appearance. In these circumstances, breast revision surgery can help to address this.

Time in Theatre

variable depending on procedure (1-4 hours)

Return to work

1-2 weeks

Recovery time

up to 6 weeks


Average cost

variable from £5000

About Breast revision

Due to the varying nature of this procedure, in your consultation, Mr Molajo will conduct a detailed assessment to identify the best options available.

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