Fat transfer

Fat transfer is a technique which involves removal of fat from one part of the body (often where the patient feels there is an excess) and injecting it into another area to increase, volume, improve contour or disguise other structures. It can be combined with other procedures to further refine the aesthetic result.

Fat transfer can be used in both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. An additional benefit is the potential for improvement in tissues in the area where the fat is transferred.

Time in Theatre

1-3 hours

Return to work

1-2 weeks

Recovery time

6 weeks


Average cost


About Fat transfer

Patients can undergo fat transfer under local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic. Some patients are treated and go home the same day.
Fluid with local anaesthetic is infused into the areas where the fat is due to be removed. The fat is harvested by liposuction and prepared, before injecting into the new area.



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