Gynaecomastia correction

Gynaecomastia (also referred to as “man boobs” or “moobs”), is a common condition. Many men experience excess fat and breast tissue to the chest area leading to unwanted fullness

The media celebrates the ‘perfect’ male torso. Sadly these airbrushed images have become the expectation of many. As result gynaecomastia causes distress and so many men seek correction.

In many cases gynaecomastia has no obvious cause, but some can be related to medication as well as anabolic steroids and recreational drugs. Rarely it can be related to other medical conditions.

Time in Theatre

90 mins to 3 hours

Return to work

1-2 weeks

Recovery time

6 weeks


Average cost

From £4500

About Gynaecomastia correction

Gynaecomastia correction procedure is performed under general anaesthesia. This is to ensure optimal patient comfort during the procedure. Excess fat and breast tissue is removed using a combination of liposuction and gland excision. In most cases the gland excision is performed through a small incision on the lower part of the nipple.

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