Mole removal

Many people have moles. Usually they are benign (non cancerous) but some find them problematic. They may not like the appearance, others may catch on clothing posing a functional problem. In such situations some patients choose to undergo surgery to remove them.

If a mole changes (asymmetry, borders, colour, bleeds etc) then urgent review is recommended.

Mole removal with Mr Molajo is performed after careful assessment and discussion of benefits and risks including unpredictable scar quality and the need for further treatment depending on the results of laboratory testing.

Time in Theatre

30-45 mins

Return to work

1 day - 2 weeks depending on site of mole

Recovery time

2 weeks


Average cost

from £500 (many are covered by medical health insurance)

About Mole removal

Moles are removed under local anaesthetic resulting in a scar. The scar will mature and improve in appearance over a period of months. Final scar quality may be unpredictable and variable depending on the location.

In the event that laboratory results of a mole warrants further treatment; full discussion with the patient is undertaken.



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