Tubular breast

Tubular (also known as tuberous) breast is a condition of abnormal breast development characterised by puffy nipples, large areola (much greater than expected for the the size of the breasts), lack of a full round breast mound due to a tight skin envelope. Each woman may exhibit some of these changes to varying degrees. Often asymmetry (difference between size and shape of breasts) is also experienced.

Most women have a slight different between left and right breasts. This is natural and to be expected! The old adage: “sisters not twins” speaks truth here.

Women with tubular breasts may feel self conscious as they feel they look different. Many seek augmentation to correct this, but augmentation alone may not give them the optimal outcome.

Tubular breast correction procedures aim to address these issues and improve the appearance, size and symmetry. In doing so many patients achieve a more balanced silhouette and greater confidence.

Time in Theatre

2-2.5 hours

Return to work

1-2 weeks

Recovery time

6 weeks


Average cost

From £6500

About Tubular breast

Tubular breast correction is performed under general anaesthesia. During surgery the features identified are addressed using different techniques including breast implants, and fat grafting. Large and puffy nipples are corrected. Ptosis (droop) may be corrected also.

Sometimes a staged surgical approach is necessary.

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